Scott & Geneva – much needed housing.

Scott & Geneva – much needed housing.

Thank you Walter for having me on The Drive to talk about the proposed development at Scott and Geneva Sts.

At Council on Monday, Planning staff recommended: redesignating the 4 acre property at the corner of Scott & Geneva Sts to high density allowing the property owners to build three apartment buildings – 7 storey, 13 storey and 15 storey and 2 townhouse blocks. There will be a total of 532 units, 2 levels of underground parking, bike parking, significant green space and indoor amenity space.

As a city we are extremely limited in properties that can be developed – especially those that are located on 2 major transit lines, that are close to a major city park and close to shopping. To me this was a very simple decision.

But what we ended up hearing from many of my colleagues was that they could not support the staff recommendation for the following reasons:

🔸 Residents don’t want it
🔸 Too much traffic
🔸 Road safety
🔸 It’s not a walkable neighbourhood – Fairview Mall is about 1km away
🔸 Not enough parking – 611 parking spaces
🔸 Too big and high – the 8 surrounding properties are currently high density
🔸 Too expensive (no prices have been decided on)
🔸 It’s not in keeping with the neighbourhood – there are apartment buildings on either side of the property
🔸 These units are going to be marketed to folks from the GTA

I might be stating the obvious but we are in a housing crisis.

This Council unanimously endorsed the City’s commitment to build 11,000 units by 2031 in February 2023.

We hear time and again that we want developers to build in STC – that we’re open for business.

The comments made by some of my colleagues certainly don’t sound like we want developers to build or that we’re open for business.

Unless I missing something. 🤔