Development Applications in STC

If you are looking for information on development applications that are currently in process at the city you can visit the city website or click on a link below and it will link you directly to the file.


Here are a few definitions for when you are looking at the various applications.


Site Plan Approval: is a planning review process that examines design and technical aspects of a proposed development. Site plan drawings provide detailed information about development plans for a specific property.


Official Plan Amendment: An official plan amendment is a formal document that changes a municipality’s official plan. Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the community or because of requests made by property owners.


Zoning By-law Amendment: A Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) or Rezoning is the process through which the city guides and approves changes to how lands are used for specific purposes. If a property owner wants to develop a property in a way that is not permitted in the Zoning By-law, they must apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment.