Arrested Mobility with Charles T. Brown & Gil Penalosa

Arrested Mobility with Charles T. Brown & Gil Penalosa

Last week I attended Gil Penalosa‘s Cities for Everyone webinar Arrested Mobility with Charles T. Brown.

Charles took us through how over-policing (i.e., policy, planning, policing, and polity) has had a direct impact on the physical mobility of the Black community in the US (and in Canada too). Arrested mobility has lead to adverse social, political, economic, and health outcomes that are intergenerational and widespread.

Charles then shared ways in which our approach to planning, policy and design can and must be reimagined to ensure to achieve greater mobility, health, and safety for Black Americans and Canadians.

This was not an easy webinar to watch. But it is necessary.

I highly recommend watching and thinking about what we can do as a community and for those of us who are elected officials can look at our policies and planning to see how we can make sure that there is better mobility, heath and safety for our Black community.