Are Bike Lanes Good for Business? YES!

Image showing increase in retail sales with bike lanes

Are Bike Lanes Good for Business? YES!

When it comes to adding safe and dedicated bike lanes and alternate (not cars) forms of transportation how many times have you heard from business owners that their sales will suffer or you’ll be taking away parking spaces and we need parking spaces or my personal favourite – we’re NOT Amsterdam.

Business owners want proof. Well here it is.

A study by the New York City Department of Transportation found that local stores saw a 49% increase in sales on 9th Avenue which has a protected bike lane.

The New York City Department of Transportation study also looked at turning over parking spaces to create pedestrian zones and seating spaces. The results? And increase of 172% in retail sales (at locally-based businesses, compared to 18% borough-wide) and a 14% increase in sales at fronting businesses.

A Portland, Oregon study found that, while bikers tend to spend less per visit than drivers, they spend more over a month.

So why do businesses fight bike lanes and turning parking space into seating or pedestrian zones? Fear of change. The spreading of misinformation. The unwillingness to see that we are all stronger and better when we work together and support each other.

As a business owner I am constantly planning for tomorrow. The harsh reality is that things are changing. More people are biking. The price of owning and operating a car are increasing and people are choosing alternate ways they move around our city. We have to adapt and plan for tomorrow, not be stuck in today.

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